Why Setup a Buynetix E-Store?

If you sell products, selling them on the Internet is probably something your customers will come to expect very soon as our culture becomes increasingly more technology-oriented. Exploring this medium now may help you stay ahead of the game and eliminate a pressured transition in the future. Even if your focus is entirely on the “here and now” there are many significant advantages e-commerce offers you today. Here are just a few:

  • An online store not only gives you a global customer base, but it allows you to effectively serve it through a highly automated channel. You don’t need more sales people. You don’t need more phone lines. You don’t need thousands more brochures or catalogs.
  • You can reduce your costs and increase your efficiency in serving existing markets. Why tie-up sales people and toll-free phone and fax lines taking orders? Instead, free-up these valuable resources for better use by channeling more and more routine sales load online to your Buynetix e-store. There, customers can research products at length (on their own dime), verify the accuracy and completeness of their orders, track order status and delivery, reference past orders, and place instant reorders.

    If you sell more than a handful of products, you are probably familiar with the frustration of dated catalogs and the expensive and expansive task of updating them. With a Buynetix online store, you can publish up-to-the-minute product information to all your customers at no cost.

  • Do a better job of cross-selling. Have you ever undersold a customer because a salesperson forgot to mention an accessory or supply, etc.? With Buynetix, you can establish relationships between products to ensure that customers are always presented with every possible opportunity to discover and purchase complimentary products.
  • Give and get supreme convenience. With an online store, your customers can research your products, find answers to presale questions, and make purchases whenever they want. Likewise, your order fulfillment staff can process orders at your convenience.

Online selling may not be for everyone, but there is a good chance it could offer significant advantages to your business. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to evaluate your specific needs and help determine if Buynetix is the right solution for you.

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