Development Process

HyperNetUSA’s development approach is based on the reality that an effective web site must be a perfect balance of visual appeal, communication, and technology. To ensure that each of these critical areas is adequately addressed, we have developed a highly effective five-phase process:

  • Assessment
    In this phase, we ask questions and listen. A HyperNetUSA project manager works with you to identify your business objectives, timeframe, and budget as well as any functional, technical, and creative requirements. The product of this phase is a strategic action plan.
  • Theme Development
    Next, we formulate an architectural and navigational blueprint for your site. We begin by working with you to find just the right layout and visual elements. We publish a private development site so that you have instant input to the creative process. At the conclusion of this phase, the look, feel, and structure of your web site are established.
  • Content
    With the basic framework in place, we create the necessary pages and inject your content. If your project requires any programming, database support, or other intelligent features, we produce and implement them. When this phase is complete, your web site is ready for testing.
  • Testing
    We perform an extensive quality control process to ensure that every part of the site works as it should, and we test your site using different browsers, resolutions, color depths, and connection rates to ensure that the final product is accessible to the widest range of Internet users. We also optimize the presentation of your content to maximize its visibility to search engines.
  • Review
    While your approval is critical throughout the development process, once the site is completed, you will have the opportunity for a final review. When you are satisfied, we deliver the site to you, or, publish it to your live web site if we are providing your hosting services.